Spring Coffee Walks // Bailey Nelson Giveaway

Tegan and I love waking up a bit earlier just so we can walk to one of our favourite coffee shops which happens to be less than 10 minutes from our apartment. We absolutely love Mount Pleasant, it is such a happy, warm, and colourful neighbourhood. Last Spring we spent lots of our sunny days walking to Matchstick and working away on our computers, getting bubble tea and tacos at the nearby shops. It feels so dreamy as soon as the trees start to blossom and with it brings back all types of summer nostalgia. 

With that being said - it's time to bring out the sunnies!! Our studio happens to be directly across from Bailey Nelson, and many of our good friends work there. It is such a friendly store with a beautiful and clean aesthetic. If you are in Gastown, you should definitely check it out and try on some glasses! They have such a variety of glasses as well as sunglasses for a great and affordable price. The staff is super helpful and help you find the right unique fit for your face. 

We absolutely love our glasses from Bailey and we want YOU to have some as well.



We are giving away two pairs of glasses! 
All you have to do is go over to our Instagram page, follow us and follow Bailey Nelson, and tag a few friends in a comment under our glasses photo! 

*winners can choose either a pair of polarized sunnies or low prescription SV glasses.