Hudson Tailor Giveaway


You guys, this is a big day! I have swapped my thrift store backpack for this INCREDIBLE Hudson Tailor backpack and let me tell you, I have been loving it. I can't even remember the last time I had a purse, I am definitely a backpack person. The best thing about these Hudson Tailor backpacks is that they have a lunchbox attached! Teg and I have been trying to save our money and not eat out as much in Gastown *which is Incredibly hard, let me tell you. Keeping our lunches cool in this little detachable pouch is my favourite feature on this backpack. I really wish I had this back in high school haha! I love how I can carry everything from my water bottle, laptop, and lunch to the studio every day. It's just perfect.


This is such a wonderful company that not only helps Mom, kids and *forgetful people like me who loses everything (thx to this lunchbox that is attached I wont be losing my tupperware*** ) Hudson Tailor is a brand that gives back, honouring a little girl who suffered a cancer journey at such a young age. To give back, they donate a portion of every purchase to the study and research of neuroblastoma. xo. 

PS. we are doing a GIVEAWAY!!!! Check out our Instagram post HERE for a chance to win your own backpack <3 


** I got these amazing jeans from Charlie and Lee, This sassy egg sweater from my friend's company BRUNCH CLUB, and this badass jacket from Gypsy Warrior- one of my fav clothing companies. YUH! 

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