Instaweek // Puppy Love


1. This is our puppy Sid, Were learnign the basic's right now... This was fetch day! 

2. Finally working on business cards! 

3. Bubble Tea, I love it!! David brought me home some Matcha the other night, the best. 

4. Bachelor Nights on the bed with Lindsay, Sid, and David have become a regular great night! 

5. I got these awesome leggings at Walmart for $7!

6. My mama sat beside jorge garcia on the plane to Hawaii! So cool, love this guy! 

7. Sunday morning I made french toast for the first time. 

8. Starting working on Kalos Spring 2012 this week.

9. Look at those eyes <3

10. Last night we chopped Lindsay's hair the shortest its been yet, So cute! She said that now she needs to watch Girl, Interrupted.