Hang A Hammock

How beautiful is this scene right here? When I was first pregnant I stumbled across these hammock cribs and swings and they were my dream. We recently hung these in our studio, and I'm smitten! Our ceilings are super high so it took us quite a while to find a ladder tall enough to reach! (thanks dad!) I love that it can softly sway rocking her to sleep. It's perfect. I have this dream now if I have another Summer baby, or if Lindsay does, of a fresh little newborn sleeping away in the warm Summer air with this hammock hanging from a tree. Sounds pretty perfect to me. But for now this little babushka sleeping away in the warm winter sun warms my heart. So cozy!

These are all handmade in Nicaragua. Made with love, and made so well. We have the oval crib and baby swing. (click through to shop). They're super high quality and are made to last. I'll be using this for years to come. Check out their shop for lots of different hammocks and swings!

Hazel looooves the swing, she will sit in it for so long, of all the "baby things" this one definitely keeps her entertained the longest. She loves being pushed, it's so fun to watch, such big smiles. She actually fell asleep in it late in the afternoon last week! She had her mouth open chewing on the from bar and just fell asleep for about half an hour, it was adorable! 

Haze is wearing her favourite minimocs in Arctic Wolf and Regal Plaid!