Palm Springs Girls Trip

The Flamingo House in Palm Springs

Tegan and I were SO pumped to book our tickets to Palm Springs as soon as we saw that Alt Summit (a blogging/social media conference) had extra tickets for sale on their website. We had been to Alt once before back in 2013, nearly 5 years ago in New York! It had been a while, and we were craving to see the sun, so it seemed like a very easy decision. Plus Millie barely even knows the sun exists, so we HAD to take her away from the snow and introduce her right?!

This Airbnb was SOO beautiful. Our best buds Taylor and Elaine from Local Wanderer found this house, and it happened to be very close to Alt! It was perfect. Our friends Elizabeth from San Francisco and Alicia from Vancouver joined us. We had a lovely week with these ladies, and it became the ultimate girl gang getaway. 

We couldn't get over this pink fridge, SO cute. Every inch of this Airbnb was stunning and cute to photograph, we had so much fun taking photos, drinking wine and making meals together! We even got a movie night in and watched Bring It On and had quite a few laughs over that movie, brought back highschool nostalgia to the max. 

This was Millie's FIRST trip ever! Other than that time she came with us (In Tegan's belly) to San Diego last year. She did so good on both flights and is just such a happy baby. It isn't the easiest thing bringing a baby to a conference, but she killed it.

The girls stayed home one night while Millie was sleeping and let Tegan and I have a night out on the last night of the conference! It was an 80's Prom Night theme and Tegan and I showed up NOT in costume. We didn't really have any clothes and just thought we'd show up to snag some free grub and a cupcake. We were about to head home after dinner and took a peek into the room with the dance floor. The room was filled with balloons and alllll the top hits blaring. We noticed there was a vanity with a ton of colourful eyeshadow and a hair crimper. Teg picked it up and started crimping her hair. I grabbed the eyeshadow and next thing you know it we were in full 80's attire (courtesy of Alt with a rack full of extra 80s prom dresses for those lame enough to show up not in costume, *cough*). We stuffed our clothes in a corner and hit the dance floor. We had such a fun night together and I swear Tegan fully transformed into Kelly Kapowski. 

The Frey House

We were so honoured to get a tour of the Frey House II in Palm Springs! Taylor hooked us up with the tour and we were all blown away by how incredible this house was. Albert Frey was an Architect and took years measuring the sun to find the perfect location to build his stunning desert modernist home. 

 Check out how he incorporated that giant rock into the design of his living room area! So cool! We could have lounged in there allllll day. The house is now owned by The Palm Springs Art Museum, which we visited earlier that day.