November Update

Lindsay //

Something New: I have been obsessed with incredibly soft things. I have had this dream for a while to create giant soft blankets and after searching "the softest blankets" on Pinterest, I was convinced to pursue this dream. I bought 6 pounds of wool from a sheep farm in Wyoming. So, that happened. I am going to turn into a full on knitting Granny this Winter. 

Something I'm Eating: I have been eating so much hummus lately. I started a joke cooking show on my Snapchat app  recently and hummus was one of my first creations. (I kind of take really easy and straight forward food to make and turn it into a complicated process. The things that take up my free time these days, yeesh) 

Something I'm Listening to: My good friend Tim has a small-time Vancouver based DIY indie record label Kingfisher Bluez and I have been listening to albums on his site all week! Check them out, you will be sure to find some awesome tunes. 

Something I'm Watching: GIRLS! I love it. It is so outrageous and hilarious. It is just a lot of fun to watch and even though some moments are so raw and almost painful, it just feels like real everyday moments we all experience. Thats why I love it. 

Tegan //

Something New: I've been working at my favourite cafe, Matchstick, since the Summer and am absolutely loving it! Amazing people, coffee and such a beautiful work environment to hang out in. It sure is hard not to eat a croissant everyday though. 

Something I'm Eating: So many mandarin oranges. I love this time of year when they come out, I just buy a big box of them and am constantly snacking on them!

Something I'm Listening to: Oh I'm so happy because this week, Sister Brother, who a few years ago put out my most listened to album, just released a new one this week. It's streaming for free on their site right now, and it's such a beautiful album!

Something I'm Watching: I just discovered 2 days ago that there is another season of Parenthood happening right now. That fact pretty much made my day, and is how I spent all of that day, I looove that show, and was convinced the last season was the end of it so it was a very pleasant surprise! Other than that, lots of New Girl and Downton Abbey as well.

Bethany //

Something New: I feel like there is so much new since we last wrote and update post I don't even know what to talk about! So i'll probably just take this chance to talk about little Poppy Darling... She is 10 months now, I can't believe it has almost been a year with her! She is crawling, pulling up, waving, clapping, play peek-a-boo, all those cute baby things ;) Poppy is such a happy babe, content to just go along life adventures with us. I love spending my everyday with her more than anything! 

Something I'm Eating: I bought polenta for the first time this week... I had no idea what it was before I went to Heirloom Vegetarian in Vancouver and ordered the Polenta Fries, they were heaven! I made this appie and it was delish! 

Something I'm Listening to: Angus & Julia Stone- I have had their "Down the Way" album for years but never really got into it. This past week I have been listening to it on repeat, like, constantly... and I loveee it! 

Something I'm Watching: Gilmore Girls - Like every other person in the world since it was added to Netflix. I watched it growing up so it's very nostalgic for me and David and I both are completely hooked on it all over again.