Worldwide Textiles


How amazing are these pillows!! Worldwide Textiles is an incredible company  curated with all sorts of ethnic  and artisan goods from around the globe. We fell in love with these gorgeous pillows, their website is just flooded with so many beautiful options. Definitely check it out, it would make a GREAT Christmas gift!! 


I love what Whitney said about her travels when she was talking about her company - 

"I spent 2013 backpacking all around South East Asia and my love for handmade textiles as well as the people of those countries I visited grew immensely. Since returning home to the U.S, I have expanded my suppliers to other parts of the world such as Vietnam, Morocco, Turkey and India, to bring these one of a kind items that hold such sweet memories and stories to everyone. " -Whitney Mecham of Worldwide Textiles


Worldwide Textiles will be participating in our A Month Of Giveaways! Keep your eyes peeled, It's coming up!!