DIY // Watermelon Nail Art

How fun are these nails?! I love all of the fun, colourful, fruit inspired trends that are going around this Summer, so I thought I would go along with that for a nail tutorial. This was actually one of the easiest nail tutorials I have attempted, so give it a try and let me know what you think or if you found any easy tricks to add. 

Step 1: Paint your nails a light shade of pink, and let them dry completely (I recommend overnight).

Step 2: Place a piece of tape across your nail leaving the tip exposed. A paper reinforcement works even better if you have them because they are rounded they go more naturally with the shape of the nail. If you have feel confident in your french manicure skills, then you can also free hand this step, that is what I chose to do. 

Step 3: Using a mint or green polish paint across the tip of each nail and let dry. These don't have to be dry to move on to the next step, but you will be less likely to mess this up if they are.

Step 4: Use a small tip paint brush that comes to a point, and black nail polish for this step. Dip the paint brush into the nail polish and add 2-4 dots (or short lines) to the pink section of each nail. 

Step 5: Once dried, add a top coat. 

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