Link Love

You might be wondering why I have 7 pounds of Merino wool... well...

 A few years ago I became instantly obsessed with giant knitting. (You can see this youtube video) and THIS was the photo started my little obsession. I love the idea of knitting and have enjoyed it in the past, but it's a bit too boring and takes way too long. I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to tedious tasks, and it just takes too long for my liking. UNTIL I learned about giant knitting. It takes about 3-6 hours to knit a giant blanket.

As soon as I ordered this crazy amount of wool, my Mom thought It was outrageous and laughed really hard at me and said, "oh, how classic of you Lou, you are so weird". She came around and ended up being really excited to help me out, it was going to be our project to work on together. Since her passing, It's been sitting away in my living room and I haven't been up to working on it without her. I am excited to finally figure this out and knit a giant blanket, as outrageous as it goes,  I know she is up there laughing with me. I will be sure to let you all know how it turns out! The process to treat the wool is a bit tricky, but I am excited to dive into it!

Aren't these needles SO COOL!? They were custom made from Lock & Mortice! <3 


In other news, 

Tegan and I are putting on a workshop at Frank and Oak tomorrow, which is across the street from our studio in Gastown! We have lots of fun DIY ideas to embroider your jeans, so come join us if you live in Vancouver! It's free! Check out this cute little rainbow we will teach you how to sew :) Find more deets here.