A Month of Merriment // DIY Driftwood Advent Calendar

I love filling my house with homemade decorations this time of year, it's fun to get creative and crafty and spend the night with a glass of eggnog, The Grinch, and to fill your house with glitter. If you want a tiny piece of advice before doing this DIY, put down something underneath where you're working to catch the glitter, and don't shake it out directly outside of your door, I swear my entire apartment building is actually covered in perfect gold glittery footprints. Not to mention my whole apartment has a nice layer of glitter. I kind of like it though, it's a bit of Christmas magic I say. 

Step 1: Grab a roll of brown craft paper, and cut 6 long strips.
Step 2: Divide each strip into 4 individual pieces, all different sizes, making a long rectangular shape.
Step 3: Take each individual piece you have, and fold it into an envelope. Begin by folding it not quite in the middle, but leaving about 1/5 of it at the top for the flap. 
Step 4: Fold the sides in and secure with washi tape.
Step 5: Fold the top piece into a triangle, and fold it down
Step 6: Now you have an envelope! Repeat steps 3-5 for each piece of kraft paper you cut, making them all different sizes, depending on what you want to fill them with!

Step 7: To number each envelope, use a stencil, or free hand it, with a thick layer of white glue.
Step 8: Cover the area with a thick layer of glitter.
Step 9: Shake off excess glitter, set aside until dry.

Step 10: Punch a hole, about an inch from the top of the envelope.
Step 11: Fill it with goodies! I filled them with different chocolates, cozy socks, scratch and wins, candy canes, and love notes!
Step 12: Feed a piece of twine through the hole you made and tie it with a double knot. keep the twine about a foot long, depending on how far you want it to hang from the driftwood. 

Step 13: I used glitter glue for this part because it's easy to freehand and I like how the words stand out more! You can write whatever you want... get creative! We wrote "It's Coming," mainly because it's the best Christmas countdown hashtag ever. Cover your word with glitter and  shake it off, somewhere farrrrr away!
Step 14: Once all of your glue is dry, and your envelopes are filled, secure the top of the twine to the back of your driftwood using pins.

You're done! Now let the countdown begin!

Show us your DIY Advent Calendars using the hashtag #tandtonme as well as #amonthofmerriment