A Month of Home // handmade DIY Linen Napkins

This is a simple & fun DIY if you're feeling a little crafty, and you really don't need any sewing skills! We recently saw some beautiful linen napkins in a shop and thought it would be fun to create our own version (for a fraction of the cost!) The linen fabric cost us around $8, you do the math, that makes these incredibly affordable, which we love! They would also make a great little housewarming gift.

We are all about those easy to do crafts, especially when you can avoid making a trip to the store! You can find more Home DIY inspiration here!  

You'll Need:
- 1 Yard of fabric, we used a cotton/linen blend
- embroidery needle
- embroidery thread
- scissors


Start by cutting your fabric into 4 even pieces, the 1 yard of fabric was the perfect size for 4 napkins. 

Begin by stitching an X into the corner of the napkin, and continue stitching along the edge in a simple "in and out" stitch. 

Sew a simple stitch along the hem of each napkin, marking each corner with the X pattern. Once they're all sewn, you can pull a few of the threads to create the frayed edges along all of the sides. 

There you go! An easy little DIY under $10 to spruce up your next dinner party! 

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