Coffee Conversations



Something Inspiring: One of my best friends Claire is visiting me from Chicago! We met at Bible School (Capernwray) 4 years ago in New Zealand. She is such an inspiring person, always creating, helping out with anything she can get her hands on, and is just such a joy to anyone she comes in contact with. It's so cool to have friends from afar who are are able to add life and inspiration to yours by simply observing how they live. She always has little projects on the go, she has made me some beautiful stationary, mittens out of old sweaters, watercolor art, sketches, my room is full of little bits and pieces of her art it's lovely. She Always pushes me to try different creative projects!

Something New: I am heading to Vancouver island with my band today!! Excited for a new adventure with them playing new music from our EP "Jailbirds" and wearing prison outfits from the 50's. Excited to tell you how it goes!! It's always a fun random CRAZY adventure with those boys.

Something Disturbing: On Sunday, two days before our party, the band Boreal Sons, who were planning to play the event messaged us and told us that they were on the highway about 4 hours away from Vancouver and their van caught on fire while they were driving! Their van died, and they had to say a very sad farewell.  They ended up hopping in a borrowed van from my Dad in order to still make our party!! These poor guys are now without a van. They are doing a kickstarter BURN or BUST which you can check out >here< help them out if you can! 

Something I'm Listening to: I was sitting in my car trying to figure out what I have been listening to lately (other than behind sapphire mixes and practicing. Practicing practicing) so I turned on the radio and currently as I am writing this I am listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I dont know much about this band. Anyone have thoughts on them? Anyone seen their live show?


Tegan // 
Something Inspiring: Over the last few months I've become a little bit obsessed with plants. Succulents in particular, I know everyone does these days, but I've really grown fond of caring for them! I've had a few die on me, or grow too tall too fast, and I've been learning how to propagate them! I stumbled upon this girl {@tawwni} on instagram who is about a year ahead of me in this and I have been learning so much. I've just started, but have some beautiful baby succulents growing and I'm learning how to care for them and get SO excited seeing them grow, Dan just laughs at me because I really get so excited and always show him how big my little plant babies are growing. It's so much fun watching them grow, succulents are such cool, strong little guys! I will let you know if I end up having success growing them! Have you ever tried this? Any tips?

Something New: Dan and I had a few friends from Perth stay with us this week, it was so fun! It was the first taste of Australia we've had since we've been back home in Vancouver so it was really great to hear about what's going on and get updated on things. I love seeing and catching up with old friends, it's so much fun. I love showing people around my city a little bit and taking them to our favourite cafe's and shops! Another exciting thing, our friend Scott just booked his flights for December 2 and he's staying with us for an entire month!! We are ecstatic. Dan and him quickly became bff's when we were in Perth, and we really miss him a lot, so excited. 

Something Disturbing: The state of my house right now is pretty disturbing, I've got some massive piles of dishes and laundry to tackle today that have been seriously neglected the last few days, small apartments get messy quick! 

Something I'm Listening To: Rosie June! This girl is a doll! I saw her play at the Media Club opening for the band my husband was playing with and she was so great, such a lovely voice, and has some serious looping skills! Her album is really amazing as well, you should probably get it here >>



Bethany //  
 Something New: I am obsessed with the idea of moving somewhere hot. Everyday I think about life would be like in Hawaii. I watch Soul Surfer, Blue Crush, and The Descendants and the whole time David and I ache for a tropical beach. I'm trying to think of a way we could spend a few months in the sun... 

Something Inspiring: Since being pregnant we have received so many beautiful and encouraging messages. We really appreciate how excited everyone has been for us and we are inspired when we get to meet/hear from other couples our age that are having a blast with their babes! 

Something Disturbing: Mice. ew, we live in the woods. They are all over the place! 

Something I'm Listening to:  Royals by Lorde. Oh my. I am obsessed with this song. PLEASE listen to it.