Travels // Melbourne to Perth


This last week was intense! Dan and I left Melbourne last monday morning, drove the Great Ocean Road - (got bad weather, it was INSANELY cold!) camped in lots of rest stops and met many very friendly travellers from all over Australia and some cool Europeans too. We experienced the crazy long drive of nothing-ness for about 1000km's. Saw dingo's, emu's, fox' and roos! Bit the painful bullet of spending over $2 a litre on petrol, but Betty had to problems until we pulled into Esperance (first town with civilization we saw in 5 days!) Lucklily we found a mechanic who replaced a tiny part and she was all better and got us home safe and sound!

It was such a beautiful drive, saw the most beautiful sunsets, sunrises, ocean views and the most starry skies I've ever seen! 

Classic cheesy photos.

beautiful cliffs that go for ever and ever!

crazy starry sky shot taken by Dan... love the shooting star!