Apple Chai Soda

Ooooh finally, the season for all things cinnamon, chai and pumpkin. When we were trying to come up with some fun fall cocktails and recipes, it’s hard to stay away from pumpkin and to only think of things that are warm! This cocktail (or mocktail if you prefer) is so delicious and anything but ordinary. It’s not overly sweet, but the cinnamon, apple and chai are really meant to just be together, and when you pair it with a sweet gooey cinnamon roll, well, need I say more? Having a SodaStream in my home has really upped my drink game. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been making lots of iced teas and fun mocktails, which has honestly helped me get through this Summer!

This drink is a bit of a combo between an iced chai and chilled apple cider. Side note, the pumpkin patch we take our daughter to every year has the best apple cider slushies! We drink those, pick apples from the trees and pick out a pumpkin! I can’t wait to take her in a few weeks.

What You’ll Need for your Apple Chai Soda:
- Brewed and chilled (extra strong) chai tea.
- Pure apple juice
- Soda
- Honey
- Cinnamon and sugar
- Apples
*optional - make it a cocktail by adding apple flavoured vodka!

Apple Chai Soda in 4 Easy Steps:

    1. Brew a 2x strong pot of chai tea, after it’s steeped, refrigerate for at least one hour to chill. Try and do this step ahead of time so there is time to chill, or just stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes once the tea has steeped.

    2. Dip the rim of your cup in honey, and then dip into a combination of cinnamon and sugar (this step is key!)

    3. Fill your cup with 2 oz chilled chai tea. 4 oz of apple juice and 4 oz of Soda.

    4. Add 1 oz of apple flavoured vodka to make it a cocktail!

    This is such a refreshing way to up your fall soda game! This drink isn’t overly sweet, but the honey, sugar and cinnamon rim really takes it up a notch ;) Adding the apple vodka really adds the perfect amount of sweet tartness that brings it all together. A perfect evening cocktail that’s anything but ordinary to spice things up this autumn. Would be so good with apple pie or to serve with Thanksgiving dinner!