Show & Tell // NYC Finds


Lindsay // I was eager to find a backpack when I went to New York when I realized that the ones I always wear are torn, tattered, and covered in leopard print duct tape. I was so excited to find this one at a vintage-style flee market in Brooklyn! As soon as I bought it I rolled up my holey backpack and threw it in this one. We had such a fun day of shopping and eating at cute cafes.  


Bethany // I love Squarespace! It's we use for our blog and I've used it lots before, so when we got to pick which sponsor dinner to attend in NYC we we're super excited to attend the Squarespace dinner. It was at a restaurant called Catch, which was delicious and very cool. We got to meet some lovely people there, and well, get all our Squarespace goodies which I wear with pride ;) 


Tegan // So while in NYC we all bought Yankees hats and went to a game on Friday night! It was so much fun, to be honest, the most exciting things were getting hot dogs and popcorn, and then by time we were full we were a little bit bored....but it was so much fun! I didn't expect I would wear this hat again, not really the ballin' type, but I love it, it's great for bike rides because it keep my hair tame, Dan thinks it's a bit dorky when I wear it backwards, I just feel like Mary-Kate in "It Takes Two." She was cool.