Around my Living Room // Rove Concepts

Living Room Inspo //  Rove Concepts  

My roommate and I moved into a new apartment in June and had a lot of fun designing our new living space.  We got to work with Rove Concepts and I am in love with their at home decor. For years, my roommate Elaine and I filled our apartment with second-hand furniture. Everything we owned was pre-loved, which we had a lot of fun with, but, moving to a new apartment we felt like it was time to upgrade.

We fell in love with this grey sectional, and it has completely transformed my living room. We have never had a comfortable couch, and we finally have the most inviting sectional that can host our friends and have sleepovers on it! 

I've been loving Patti Smith lately, she is so inspiring. Last year, I read her book "Just kids" and it is such a beautiful memoir of her journey into becoming a musician while living in New York at the Chelsea Hotel. This photography book is filled with gritty yet fragile photos of Patti, the photos seem timeless and special. Check it out! It's called Patti Smith 1969-1976.

Rove has some really cool Pendant Lamps! We have a ton of vintage lamps in our apartment but it is so nice to mix up some modern and vintage. This lamp adds a really nice soft glow to our dining room area, perfect for chill candlelight dinners (which we've been a big fan of this fall :))