Instaweek // Music in Trees

1.You literally never know who you will meet walking down the streets of Vancouver. This lady was so excited to show me wallet photos of her darling Phsycic Goose.
2.Park & Pizza with friends; a goodbye for our dear friend Kir who is now in Norway!
3.Went shopping in Old Bellingham, these finds were from Marshalls. Always great deals in the States! If only I had money.
4.Bethany and I are loving this Season's Bachellorette. Bethany made this amazing meal.
5.I am babysitting Tegan's bird Andy! He's pretty cute.
6.Trader Joes is my favourite place to visit in the states, and the wine is so cheap! Im not a huge fan of wine, but their Sparkling Peach wine was so good!
7.My friend Elaine and I were in Bellingham, and we drove past a lawn with this boat being built. We were intruiged, so we knocked on the door and met our new friend Steve! He kindly came out and showed us his boat which he plans to name "Coral". We felt very inspired.
8.I work at a Thrift store in White Rock, and this girl walked in with this little "long-haired" Chiwawa. How adorable, I need one.
9.My band Behind Sapphire, decided to take some Music Videos in a tree! So fun. I felt like a little kid again.
10.The boys, making music in a tree.