Stay at Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa in Oregon

We had the privilege of staying at the amazing Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa in Pacific City in Oregon! Just a couple hours from Portland, this is SUCH an amazing place to getaway for the weekend. Oregon is such a beautiful drive from Vancouver Bc, It makes it a very accessible vacation getaway. I love the coast so much, and can you believe these beaches?! 

My pickup truck is a red 1984 Nissan Pickup, and we were really risking it by jumping on the road and trekking that far. I signed up for BCAA and we jumped in the truck anyway, fingers crossed!

Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa blew me away. It was honestly the most beautiful lodge I have ever stayed at. The woodsy warmness of the room really made us feel at home, all cosy by the coastline. It is so important to relax and unwind, especially living in the city. We talk about that a lot here on our blog, the importance of slowing down. The ocean is that place for me, and I felt pretty spoiled to be near it, in such a beautiful hotel. 

The dining was fabulous. With seafood options that were local and fresh, we couldn't help but order WAY too much food. The dining area at the hotel had insanely high ceilings and was incredibly spacious and the windows revealed the amazing view of the sandy white beach, best place to wind down and sip on a ginger whiskey. 

This hot tub!!! I am a sucker for a good hot tub, and this patio was a dream! Sipping coffee and staring out onto the beach, I mean, Come ON! *heart eyyessss.

The spa at this hotel is really wonderful as well! I got a full body massage and it was really something, It was the second massage I have ever gotten and BOY I think everyone deserves to get more massages more often, always.  


Exploring the beach was such a treat. This place was so magical! If we had a board It would have been so fun to sand surf down this giant hill. One of my favourite things about this trip was jumping in our truck and driving straight off the boardwalk onto the sand and taking a drive across the beach! I have only done that once on 90 mile beach in New Zealand, and didn't realize there was a place in Oregon you could do this. Such a fun time. 

Thank you Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa! We will be back!