A lil' visit to Victoria

Our BEAUTIFUL sister Vanessa just moved to Victoria BC to attend UVIC! We are so incredibly proud of her, and were so excited to visit her for the first time.

We had a bit of spare time, so we visited Habit cafe for some macchiatos, as well as Nourish for the most amazing breakfast that I think I've EVER had. We seriously recommend going here if you ever visit Victoria! It is a darling old house turned into a restaurant. The food was absolutely amazing, and we couldn't have asked for a better place to spend our sister catch up time. 

We didn't feel like exploring too much this trip, because we know we have many Victoria trips to come with our sister now going to UVic, so we decided to spend the night in. It is so nice to just take the time you need to relax and enjoy a lazy night with your loved ones. We ordered dinner, watched 'Happy Endings', Hazel took a bath, and Tegan and I each took a turn running through the cold to enjoy the oceanside pool/hot tub. 

Hazel decided that she didn't like sleeping in the next day, so we woke up at the crack of dawn and walked to the shore. We grabbed coffee at the hotel cafe and walked the path along the water. It was such a beautiful, fresh, and calm morning. 

Tegan and I are always SO proud of our lil sister Vanessa, and are always so inspired by her determination and excitement for her new endeavours.  We got to visit her for our first time at her new apartment on the island. She made us cookies, and we went to explore her favourite places in Victoria.