DIY // Kate Spade Saturday Inspired Nail Art

We first fell in love with Kate Spade Saturday when we were in New York last June. The three of us walked past this adorable yellow store front and were in awe of the idea of shopping right there on the screen and then having a bike messenger hand deliver your order that evening. How cool?! We love the entire Kate Spade Saturday look, yellow & stripes, perfect! Here is our DIY Nail Art inspired by the fun, bright, and happy brand. 

Step 1: Paint your ring finger white and let it dry. 

Step 2: Cut strips of scotch tape the width you would like your stripes to be. 

Step 3: Evenly space the strips on tape horizontally across your white nail.

Step 4: Paint over the nail with back nail polish, brushing the paint across horizontally. 

Step 5: Remove the strips of tape. 

Step 6: Once your feature nail is dry, paint the rest of your nails yellow (we used this!) and finish with top coat. 

Lastly, dress up in all yellow and stripes, obviously. 

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen // Dress: H&M // Shoes: Vintage