Glamping Hub stay in Joshua Tree

Two weeks ago we woke up in this magical place. Joshua Tree is something special. I've been wanting to visit for quite some time. While on our last family vacation in Palm Desert we came so close to visiting, but we just never ended up going, so I was so excited when Lindsay found this cozy desert lodge on Glamping Hub! We spent a few days in Silver Lake, LA (post coming soon!) and then on Sunday morning we hopped in a rental car and booked it out of the city for some much needed down time. We thought about staying around the city but it was the Emmy's and there was a big game that night, so we skipped out on the busy-ness and drove straight to the desert. Half way there we were getting hungry (nearly hangry) and then we remembered... IN N OUT! So we pulled into the first one we saw and thoroughly enjoyed a greasy burger and milkshake. We drove down a long sandy road lined with the classic Yucca trees and the sun was almost setting. It was stunning, the colours were just the perfect hues of beige, pink and green and we instantly felt relaxed. This was finally our time to wind down after a crazy summer with the Treasures Market, and then right after that getting everything together for The Emmy's gifting party with Pink House.

It was H O T. 110 degrees as we were driving by Palm Springs! Thankfully a storm rolled in the next day and it cooled off to a more bearable heat, it was nice to enjoy the sunshine. We cracked open a bottle of wine and after a bit of porch swingin' Netflix did us good. 

Monday morning we got up bright and early (I'm talking 6am) and headed straight for Joshua Tree National Park. We drove and drove through the park for ages, it was magical. Once we got home and were looking through the little guest book in our house we realized there is actually an entrance just up the street! So if you're staying here and are up for a little hike, and don't want to pay the park's fee, you're in the right place. 

This rental was an amazing property! Full of quirks and was like a little western town in your backyard! We hung out in the little deck and read for hours. That was when a storm started rolling in and it got sooooo windy. If you saw on our snapchat the next morning, a fence fell ONTO our car! It was crazy windy and we were parked way to close to it and didn't realize it was just leaning on the gate. Glad we got that car insurance!

We did a little exploring in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, there are some adorable vintage shops and antique stores! A few of our favourites were The End a cute shop filled with incredible vintage, second hand and had some amazing weavings, and Hoof & the Horn.

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