Show & Tell // Global Mothers

We had the privilege of heading into the Global Mother's office this week and taking a few photos of their product for this weeks show & tell! We were in love with their pieces, and the stories behind them!

// Braided Sari Necklace // 

We loooove these necklaces, the colours are so pretty! These are hand-braided, and made from vintage Bengali saris from Bangladesh. Every piece of it is hand-made, even the copper links are hand-hammered! The women spend up to three hours selecting the saris, sticching and braiding the fabric, hand-hammering each copper link and finally attaching everything together! These necklaces come from "Basha's house of hope" which is a small jewelry business based in Bangladesh's capital. Their vision is to invest in women undervalued or marginalized within society, and set them on a journey towards a brighter future.

*Bonus* Global Mothers has donated 2 of these for us to giveaway! check out the giveaway and be entered to win!

// Handmade Cards //

These African Animal cards are adorable. They come in lots of cute designs and they're made from banana leaves! The Twisungane Card Association was started by a former steet boy named Martin, who decided to use his arts training to help others. The families involved grow banana trees in their home gardens, harvest them, dry out the leaves and create these beautiful designs! They're so fun and whimsical!

// Bracelets // 

These are utterly fascinating! These are handmade with 100% sisal plant fibre, the designs are intricately hand-woven, each taking 8 hours to complete. Made by a group in Gitarma, Rwanda, the members of this association have dedicated themselves to getting out of poverty, rising above the conditions they used to live in. In addition to faming, the artisans spend their days weaving baskets, coasters, earrings, and bracelets to make enough money to support themselves and their families. They work patiently and diligently, a single bracelet taking a full day to create.