8 Easy Ikea Hacks to do around your home

We absolutely love Ikea Hacks! We are excited to show you our Favourite Easy Ikea Hacks that you can create around your home! We went through old past posts that we loved and here is our Round-Up! We are all about DIY'ing before Buying. It is a lot of fun to take something for half the price, put a little love into it and some personal pizzaz. 

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Ikea Hacks

One of our favourite Ikea Hacks was our Ikea Bed Hack! It was pretty easy and super fun to design.  We had a lot of trouble finding a cheap couch for our studio, so we decided to make one instead! 

Ikea Bed Hack

Ikea Lack Hack Coffee Table

Our other favourite furniture Ikea Hack was our Lack Hack Coffee Table! This one was SO easy to make, and it only took 3 Easy Steps! I find it really tough to find a cute coffee table that isn't too big, and this was just the right size, plus it looked great customized with the old wood. There are so many different types of wood and stains you could put on top of this Ikea Lack Table, so have fun with it and go wild!  

Ikea Stig Stool Hack

These stools are SO cheap from Ikea, and we really love the height of them. We bought them because they were the perfect height for a stool, but we weren't in love with the black plastic. We bought some wool and covered them, and it completely transformed them! I have recently done another DIY with new chairs that are the exact same black plastic, and I painted them with a peach coloured paint and covered it with a paint seal. It looks so much better! Yay Ikea!

2 Amazing Ikea Blanket Hack DIYs

DIY your own Ikea Blankets with these incredibly simple DIY blanket hacks! We are a bit obsessed with tassels and Pom Poms, so get ready to dazzle your blankets! 

Ikea Tassel Blanket Hack

We were obsessed with a tassel blanket we found on Pinterest, and realized we could easily save a ton of money and make it ourselves by going to our local fabric store and Ikea! First of all, these are the softest cream blankets, and it is so much fun to add a bunch of extra tassels to it. All you need is fabric, tassels, and a needle and thread! 

Ikea Pom Pom Blanket DIY

Once you learn how to make Pom Pom's, it's honestly hard to stop. We keep adding Pom Pom's to everything because it is so much fun, and SUPER cute! 

More Ikea Hacks for around the Home

Here are a few more SUPER easy DIY Ikea Hacks for around your home! We love transforming items with a little paint and thread. It is so hard to find a cute Baby Gym, so we decided to create our own! Find out how in a few easy steps (link below). 

Ikea Baby Gym Hack


DIY Concrete Painted Pots 

Ikea had these super cheap clay pots, and we decided to team up with Fat Paint Company on this DIY and create that hip concrete looking pot for SUPER CHEAP. We were so excited about this one, it really saved us a lot of money! 

Customized Ikea Beach Bag 

This was a super easy DIY that did not take very long, and it changed the bag completely! It adds so much colour and personality, and all you need is a needle and thread, plus the bag is super cheap. Ikea ftw! 


There you go! 8 Amazing and Super Easy Ikea Hacks for you to do around your home! Save yourself a few bucks by doing it yourself at home! I hope our DIY's were helpful, let us know if you have any questions! Please share with us your own Ikea Hacks by commenting below! We would love to try out some more fun Ikea Hacks!