Hair Tutorial // Thick Bang Braid

download (2).jpeg

Here is a super easy hair style I like to do when I need to tame down my hair a bit, but still want to wear it down. I have such thick hair, so I usually like to pull it back and pin it around. With this style you sort of get half the braided crown look. 

S T E P   O N E : Start with a dramatic part across the top of your head from one ear to the other, and comb your hair in opposite directions.


S T E P  T W O : Braid the hair in the front section from your ear, on over to the other side of your ear, keeping the braid really tight to your head. 

S T E P  T H R E E: Once you are done your braid, loosen the braid with your fingers by pulling it out and stretching it out, then pin it to the side of your head. 

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