Wool And The Gang

We have a bit of an obsession of all things wool. We were thrilled when Wool And The Gang contacted us! We absolutely loved these amazing paper bags, the branding, and everything else that came with the package. How adorable! Hazel loooved to play with the giant needles. 

Hazel loves to put raspberries on her fingers, it's the cutest when she has a whole hand with raspberry fingertips and she eats them off one by one. She has been weirdly obsessed with putting things in between her toes as well! It's hilarious. We will find her over in the corner putting dimes, nickels and quarters in between all of her toes. Lately, it has been plastic chip clips. 

Tegan chose to make the Fearless Cartigan kit in mustard yellow, and I am going to attempt the Wooly Young Thing Cardigan in Timberwolf.


Tegan and I both have a bit of crocheting experience and have tried knitting a few times. We chose these kits because The Wooly Young Thing Cardigan is knitted up in garter and rib stitch which are nice and easy stitches to learn :) It's difficulty level is 'Easy' which is one above beginner. The pieces will be knitted up as 5 individual panels; 2 front panels, 1 back panel and 2 sleeve panels. Then they get stitched up altogether! We can't wait to try these out and we will be sure to let you know how it goes! Everything is laid out really cute and simple in the packaging, with ALL of the tools you need! SO FUN! Check out more of their kits online, there are SO many to choose from, with all types of difficulty levels. Don't be afraid if you haven't knit before! The beginner kits are for you, and how-to videos on their site! 

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