A Month of Beaches // Bethany at Crescent

Crescent beach has been my favourite since I was a kid. It has such a quaint, small town feel - and is about a 3 minute drive from my house. I try to come down to the beach a couple times a week because it gives me the chance to unwind, and regroup. I bring a book, blanket, and journal and just sit for an hour or so. Or if it's a nice sunny evening David and I will walk the beach with Poppy & Sid, and eat some ice cream. 
I always leave the beach in a better mood. I was definitely made for the water, and sand. Nothing makes me feel more at peace than swimming in God's huge beautiful ocean and walking back with bare feet and salty hair. Bliss. 

If you plan on visiting Crescent Beach, here are my highlights: 

  • Blackie Spit- An area that is more quiet, trails to go for a walk, dog off leash park, and you can park right up by the water which is nice. If you go there at lunch hour everyone is just sitting in there cars eating and staring at the ocean. I always love to see so many different people from construction workers to old couples all just taking in the beauty of it. 
  • 1001 Steps- A long staircase that goes down the hill and over the train tracks and takes you right down to the water. 
  • Seahorse Grill- A small very "local feeling" restaurant with a great menu. 
  • And of course a jump off the pier!

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