A week of no washing // Bethany

We three girls are strong believers in getting as many days as possible out of your hair between washes. We typically try to get about 5 days without washing. I know to some of you this may sound crazy, and disgusting, but it really is so good for your hair. It gives your hair the chance to hang on to it's natural oils without you stripping them out everyday. Stripping your hair of it's oils makes it dry and more prone to breakage. 

Some people really do get greasy hair by the end of each day, especially if you've gone the majority of your life with daily washing. You have to train your hair out of it. Try out some different dry shampoos and slowly increase the number of days you can make your wash last. 

Here are photos from my 5 days without washing my hair. Showing different styles that help keep it looking fresh! 


Day One: I have naturally straight hair, so I let it air dry and touch up a few pieces with the flat iron. Try not to touch your hair too much throughout the day (especially your bangs) this will add oil and make it look greasy so much faster. 


Day Two:  I added some curls to mix up the look, but keep wearing it down while it's still fresh. 


Day Three: Low Bun. This is usually the last day that I can get away with wearing my bangs down around my face before they start to get oily. You may need to add some dry shampoo to your roots by day three, but if you don't need it put it off one more day. Your hair will stay feeling fresher longer with less product. 


Day Four: Today the bangs are back and I've added a little bit of dry shampoo to my roots. I like the look of a messy pony so I haven't touched up my ends since day two... the less heat the better! 


Day Five: The last day is always top knot day for me. No matter how long you have gone without washing you can usually get away with it if you dry shampoo those roots and pull it all back. 


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