Beer Popsicle Cocktail

Beer Cocktail, it's a thing, and it's delicious. I remember years ago having this amazing drink somewhere, maybe in Mexico. It was a margarita with a Corona dumped upside down into it. It was amazing, we thought we'd do something with these cherry popsicles! The flavours were really yummy together, we grabbed a growler of our favourite light beer (Sunshine from 33 acres) and poured it into a 10 oz glass with a popsicle in it! It was the perfect amount of fruity sweetness added as the popsicle slowly melted, plus it kept the beer extra cold for that much longer! A fun way to mix it up for a girls night or something to keep in mind for a Summer barbecue! A great way to pair a treat with a drink.

beer and popsicles-62.jpg
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