Behind the Scenes // In the T&T studio with baby Poppy

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Poppy Darling is 6 months old now, and we've gotten back into the swing of things over at the T&T studio. I took almost 3 months off from blogging once Poppy was born and Tegan & Lindsay ran the show for a while. I'm so happy that the three (or I guess 4) of us are back at it in the studio! It's definitely different and our most productive times are during naps, but it's also a lot of fun. Poppy is lucky to have 2 awesome aunties like Tegan & Lindsay who hold her and make her giggle all day! Here is a look at what our days in studio with little Poppy look like. 
- Bethany

Even though it is a lot of fun having a baby in the studio now, that doesn't mean that everything goes smoothly or exactly as planned. There are many days when I'm running home to change because I have a huge baby poo stain on the front of my outfit, or we have to stop filming halfway through a tutorial to entertain Poppy. A couple of months ago I was just starting to join in on doing posts with Tegan & Lindsay again and we went down to the beach to film our "A Month of Adventure // Lanterns"  video. The video looks completely magical and like it was a perfect evening... well if only you could have seen the other footage, or even heard the audio in the background (we actually contemplated making an outtakes video it was so hilarious). Most of the time Poppy was crying because she didn't want to be in her carrier, and then I'm trying to film with one hand and feed Poppy with the other while Tegan & Lindsay battle trying to light the lanterns with a broken lighter in freezing cold wind. Let's just say it didn't not go as we imagined, but none the less, it's a great memory. The past couple months has been an incredible journey. We have been learning that sometimes the plans we make will have a lot of curveballs and we have adapted the phrase "go with the flow" as our new working motto. Things will not be like they used to be when we had only the three of our schedules to work around, and things will most likely not go as smoothly as we would plan, because life is like that! It has been incredible how baby Poppy has opened so many new doors of learning for us. She is a joy to have around and she adds a completely new dynamic to the studio. We are quickly finding our groove with this new little addition to our team and it is so much fun! 

Over the past few months the studio has slowly been filled with more baby items... A swing, a bassinet, toys, blankets, a changing station, and a whole lot of diapers. And seriously how cute are these Honest Co. diapers?! I first ordered Honest Co. diapers out of excitement while I was still pregnant. I was intrigued first of all by the adorable patterns and I was glad to find a brand that was natural & eco friendly. You can find these cute size 1 giraffe print diapers here. 

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It's been a lot of fun now that we've found the rhythm, and we can't wait until we have a studio full of babies to keep each other company!

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