Hey Hey 30

Welp, tomorrow (by time this post goes up it's today) I'm 30. I'm sitting at home with a glass of red wine, editing photos, and my babies are snoozing away in the next room. I feel so content. The quote popped into my head a friend posted on instagram lately that was something along the lines of "remember when you wanted what you currently have." I feel like I'm in a season of really feeling content with what I have, life is crazy, it's still a juggle with our businesses and babies and all that life brings with that, but I'm learning to just let go and just enjoy these days. Soak up the little three year old dinner conversations. Put my phone away more, take less photos, have grace in the middle of the night when Millie would just rather sleep next to me than her crib. Drink more tea, less coffee, not rush out the door so much. Be grateful, and constantly get a fresh perspective.

  • I've been wanting a pair of Sandgrens clogs for ages and they're so good. I love them, (and they're having a huge summer sale!) I got the lower heel so they're still doable for every day chasing little kiddos, and they really are so comfy.
  • This book is on my wish list, I looooove her poetry and art.
  • Been dreaming of linen sheets, so obsessed with this rusty colour. 
  • I tried on a Pansy tshirt the other day and WOAH. Actually blown away by how comfy it was. Might need to invest in one.
  • Loving this worship album!
  • I'm SO excited that this package-free grocery store called "Nada" opened just a few blocks from home. It's amazing. 
  • A new product we recently launched over on Pink House is the Travel Kit! We worked on putting this together for a long time so it feels soo good to finally have it in the shop! So grateful for Pink House. It's been a huge learning curve for Linds and I this year, but it's been so good.