Baby Book Download

I'm so excited I finally finished this and got it printed! It was a fun little project to make a little baby book for me to write about Pregnancy, birth and this first year with Haze, all the changes. It wasn't something I ever thought I would like to have, I've seen them in stores and they always look so cheesy and have a lot of unnecessary pages I would never fill out! 

So what made me decide I needed one? A few days after my mom passed away, our family started going through photos, the boxes full of memories from all of our childhoods. Photos, newspaper clippings, and baby books. I hadn't looked at my baby book for so long, but now with my mom gone, as I'm holding my 4 month old babe, I'm reading it through new eyes. Those words she wrote are like gold to me, little nuggets of advice. She wrote each month for my first year, everything from my sleeping & eating habits, to little memories from the hospital and more. She wrote little messages about how she can't imagine me not being her little girl anymore, not being able to pick me up and hug me whenever she wanted. Such sweet and hard things to read.  

So I made one for Hazel! I'm challenging myself to fill it as full as I can for her to have as a keepsake from me. I'm offering it as a free download today! After that we're going to add it to our Treasures shop! You can preview it below :) 

I punched holes along the side and sewed it together with an embroidery needle and thread!

Click here to download the book for free! After this weekend we will be adding it to our shop, so get it while you can ;)