Mix & Match Monday // Power Clashing

We are all about mixing patterns this season! Florals and stripes with fun aztecs and bright colours shout summertime. We love finding staple pieces that are still bold and fun like this pretty blouse, it’s basic enough to wear everyday but has a pretty combination of colours and detail to make you stand out. We love bright colours and fun prints, but black and white is our everyday go-to. If you’re new to pattern clashing, we suggest starting here!

You can’t go wrong if it’s all black and white! For a bold, colorblock touch that takes the mix and match to the next level, rock your clashing patterns with some bright shoes or accessories. We’re loving the neons with black and white patterns, SO fun and summery.

Dress up a patterned romper by throwing a top over it, it will completely change your look and give you another fun way to wear it! I love the opposite black and white details on these two patterns together. I’ve also found it’s also a great way to wear rompers throughout my pregnancy, when I have to make the straps as long as possible to accommodate the bump.

Nothing says power clashing like mixing two floral prints! One of my faves. For prints that clash “well” (because let’s be real, there’s an art to it!), find prints that have the same colours: these both have lots of reds, blues & greens, which makes the outfit so fun and tropical.

We hope you’re having as much fun getting back into your summer wardrobe as we are! Show us your #MixMatchMondays power clashing style!

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Let's Talk // 39 Week Bump

Well here we are with a bump the size of a watermelon. I'll be 40 weeks on Wednesday (if i make it to then!) This pregnancy has gone by so fast, but it also feels like I've been pregnant foreverrr. I'm really excited to wear normal pants, and to have my shirts fit again - I think I'm down to about 3 that aren't crop tops now.

This has been a crazy 9 months for me. A few weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I found out my mom's cancer was back. It's been an intense time of anticipation, joy, questioning, anger, excitement, sadness, and basically every emotion under the sun, I've been feeling it. I wrote a post on my personal blog a few days ago sharing a bit more about that journey, if you care to read. 


I'm so happy my mom is going to meet this little creature. I'm so excited to meet him/her. I go through waves of emotion everyday, but I've been learning a lot over these 9 months how to be content, to not compare what I have to what other people have. I know that when baby comes I'll be learning a whole lot more about that as I discover who I am as a mother. I'm learning to be grateful for what I have, and I think Lindsay said it so well last week, talking about contentment. It seems like the most simple, mundane thing, but I know I struggle with that a lot! Thinking I'll be happier once I reach a certain place, make more money, pay off debt, or get a product or shoes I've been dreaming about. I'm learning I deserve nothing and none of those things make me any happier. Finding peace, resting in God, spending time with Him, not chasing after worldly things, that is what makes me content. 

Here we go! The next Let's Talk post I do I'll be holding a little babe, that is so unreal. I cannot wait!!!