Bryr Clogs

We're so exited to be featuring Bryr Clogs on here today! We've recently joined the obsession with clogs and the first time we spotted these something about them caught our eye. We love the variety of colours & styles, they're timeless and so comfortable. 

We asked Isobel a few questions about Bryr, we're so inspired by her business. Lindsay has always dreamed making shoes, and I'm always so inspired by makers and creatives who put so much heart into their business. It's so clear just holding these well made shoes in your hands the craftsmanship and heart that goes into each pair.

How long ago did you start making shoes?
I started making clogs about 3 years ago, but working with leather has always been an interest to me.

What inspired you to start this business, and to continue creating?
I'd been working in the fashion industry for nearly 15 years and I'd reached the point of creative burn out. I decided to take a 6 month sabbatical and get back to making things with my hands and recharge my creative batteries. 6 months turned into a year, and Bryr grew out of that experience organically. It's been 3 years now, and it's been an amazing journey, sometimes very challenging, but I always feel like I'm on the right path.

Did you always know you wanted to make shoes? 
I went to school for sculpture, and I really love the intersection of how shoes are both sculptural and practical. I spent most of my career as a clothing designer, so designing and making shoes was a fun new challenge. I love the simplicity of clogs; just leather and leather coming together to become something.

What do you love most about your business? 
I feel incredibly lucky to be following my passion, even on days when I am totally overwhelmed and stressed out. It's hard to pin down what I love most, but I definitely love being able to work one-on-one with my customers, or going to the tannery and climbing around in the back stock to find an amazing vintage hide, or designing exclusive styles for our stores.

You can shop the current collection here, and follow along on instagram to see some of the magic she has in the works. I already have my eyes set on a pair of burgundy penny loafers I'm dreaming about for fall! 

Half Up Hair Tutorial // Treasures Hair Pin

Here is a super simple half-up hair tutorial using our Gold Hair Pins! We collaborated with Kassinka Hair blog for this hair-do. I love how simple and classy this looks, its such an easy way to make your hair look a tad more classy.

Pull back half of your hair, and pull up the hair to backcomb for added volume.

Backcomb and tease the sides as much as you want - depending how thick your hair is. The messiness adds texture to the half-up do.

Twist the hair, and pin in our Hair pin horizontally, making sure to dig deep into the twists so it secures. *The more you tease your hair the easier the pin will stay and hold.

Tip * Once you pin it up, tease the back of your hair for added texture.

We love our Hair Pins! I seriously use it almost every day! Such a fun collaboration with our girl Melanie Hull. Get the pins from our Treasure shop by clicking here!


Voila! Thanks for your help on this tutorial Kassandra of Kassinka hair blog!! Check out more of her amazing hairstyles HERE!