Pop Rocks Cocktail

 A Sweet & Sour Cocktail for you sweet things! This drink doesn't have much sweetener, so with the gin and lemon, it's tart. The pop rocks add the perfect amount of sweetness to each sip! If you don't have pop rocks handy, substitute with a sugar rim or just add more sweetener!

In a cocktail shaker combine over ice:
- 1 oz of Gin
- 3 oz of lemon juice
- .5 oz Triple Sec
- Splash of maple syrup or simple syrup.

use your lemon to moisten the rim of your cocktail glass and dip it in the pop rocks! Shake up your drink, pour and enjoy. 

Studio Update w. Urban Walls

We are very excited to announce that we are now sharing our studio space with our friend Danielle from Urban Walls

We actually go back quite a ways, and we are very grateful to have a familiar face sharing our creative space. AND WOW - we are thrilled to see something new and beautiful on our walls every time we walk into our studio. 

Aren't these vintage floral decals AMAZING!??! HOLY!!! There are 33 individual flower stickers, so you get to choose how you want your floral wall bouquet to look based on your taste. Such a brilliant and beautiful design! We are in love.  Buy them here!