A Month Of Gentlemen // Hot Shave


JD's Barbershop is a great place for a hot shave. A relaxed environment in the heart of Gastown. We had our friend Branden from Seattle come and hang out with us and get the 5-start hot shave treatment. We were jealous of all the hot towels soaking on his face- it's like the perfect man facial. Plus, it comes with a nice glass of whiskey, not too shabby. 


Whats so great about a Hot Shave? It's basically like a man-facial. It gives an effective shave because the hot cloths that are constantly placed on their face- in between shaves - open the pores of their skin and relaxes the facial muscles, softening their whiskers for  more effective cutting. By having this constant hot water soaking your face, the blade of the razor skims the surface of your face rather than dragging on it, which is the main cause of irritation, redness and shaving bumps.  


What a handsome chap ^^ he plays cool music too ladies, check out his band Barcelona here.


A Month Of Gentlemen // How To Polish Leather Boots

What could be more classic than learning how to polish your shoes for A Month of Gentlemen? This is my (Tegan's) husband Dan everyone, and he loves taking care of his shoes. He's been wearing Blundstone's for years and they last because he takes care of them! Learning how to polish your shoes is so important if you invest in a good pair of leather boots or shoes. It helps maintain the leather, keeps them looking fresh, and you can waterproof them too, very important for us Vancouverites!

You'll Need:

  • shoe wax polish (in a colour suited to your boot)
  • polishing cloth, or an old t-shirt
  • horsehair applicator brush
  • horsehair brush
  • a little bit of elbow grease!

Or get an amazing shoe shining kit like this one from Shine Kits and you'll be set up for all your leather shoes! (this kit is pretty much Dan's dream come true in pretty Douglas Fir box).

STEP 1: put down news paper or cardboard, it can get messy! Or work on a surface that can handle the mess. 

STEP 2: Take off laces if necessary. Clean boot with a damp cloth or brush. Really make sure it's clean (bottom doesn't matter). Rinse cloth a few times if necessary.

STEP 3: Use cloth or applicator brush to apply shoe polish, working in a circular motion to grab the polish as well as rubbing it into the boot. This heats up the polish and works it into the boot. Apply generously if boots are very worn, you can use a toothbrush to work polish into cracks. Also, apply to side of soles if colour matches. 

Let them dry for 10-20 minutes.

STEP 4: Use clean cloth to go over boot and get excess polish off in a circular motion, especially working it into the seams. 

STEP 5: Brush to shine with a horse hair brush or polishing cloth, horse hair really works great. Brush fast and hard.

STEP 6 (optional) : If you want to have a matte finish instead of leaving them shiny, and for extra winter care, use Dubbin or Mink Oil on your boots. Stick a hair dryer into the boot for 20 seconds to warm the leather and then apply the product with your fingers. Work in using a circular motion and let dry overnight. 

Thanks Blundstones and Shine Kits for sponsoring this post! Also, fun fact about Shine Kits, their latest shoe shine boxes are accented with reclaimed mahogany from the SS Princess Mary, a steamship with a vaunted history, read more about it here >> We love the bit of Vancouver island history that they bring to their quality shoe kits business!