Christmas Round Up


We've done a round up of some of our favourite past Christmas DIY's and recipes for you! This time of year is so magical, and we can't wait to fill our homes with all things cozy, bright and merry. 

We'll start you off with our favourite Seasonal Wreath!


Warm yourself up with a simple Mulled Wine recipe. 

diy round up.jpeg

I can not tell you how much I looooove this Gingerbread Popcorn recipe. MMMMM.


I'm definitely going to be making some of these Sweater Stockings as gifts this Christmas :)


A fun twist on a garland to decorate your living space with our Pine Cone / Pom Pom Garland


Pom Pom Wreath DIY

Tis the Season!

Our studio is right down the street from Dressew, so Tegan and I end up shopping there a loooooooot. Our favourite thing to do is find DIY's that we can use yarn for! Pom Poms, tassels, or any kind of yarn-wrapping is our fav and always results in a super easy and accessible DIY. 

The first wreath we made was with handmade Pom Poms! You can see a tutorial here of how we made them (here is another one we used for Pom Pom garland) they are super easy - wrap, tie, and cut! 

We cut out circles from cardboard and cut a circle within the circle creating a wreath base. We the hot-glued the pom poms to the cardboard and added some fun decorative yarn! Tadaaaaaa. Super easy.

For our second wreath, we bought this really fun shaggy yarn to wrap around the cardboard! As we wrapped, we added hot glue to secure the yarn. You can play it up with a variety of yarn as well, go Christmas wild!