Etsy 30 day Challenge

Running an online shop has been a lot of fun. We've been able to do a lot of collaboration, and meet a ton of fun people. We've learned a lot this year through the shop, and we're so glad we finally launched it after months of planning and dreaming! Through it we've also been able to encourage friends of ours to open their own shops, which has been so exciting to see. We're big fans of the whole "follow your dream," approach to business, so we always encourage our friends to "just go for it!" when they're telling us about their dream to open a cafe, start a band, or make excellent soap. 

Starting October 12, Etsy is running a 30 day challenge, they really want to encourage artisans and creatives to open their own Etsy shop. They are offering the first 20 listings free if you sign up here!

It's a really exciting program they're running where they have mentors and help to guide you through the process of launching your own shop! If you're a bit uncertain or have been sitting on an idea for a while, this is a great opportunity to just go for it, make it happen! You'll have a ton of support and encouragement!

We'd love to know if you're going to be involved, and we'd love to see your Etsy shop if you have one! Comment below with the link, and sign up here for the 30 Day Challenge.

L'Occitane // Win a Free Staycation

Sometimes a girl just needs a good pamper! Don't you agree? Tegan and I got to spend the night on the town and enjoyed a little "stay-cation". It may seem silly, but I never realized you could get away in your own city. It was such a breath of fresh air! Tegan and I felt like we had been away for way longer than we actually had, and saw the city from a different perspective. 

We were introduced to L'Occitane - Such an amazing product line with such a care for the ingredients and process in which they are made. When we entered the store, we quickly realized that the employees were very happy and truly passionate about L'Occitane. They were excited to share the richness of the history behind how the brand started (It has a very interesting story, if you want to read about how Olivier started his business with just an 'ol truck and some essential oils -click here

We had a lovely in store hand massage, as we learned about more of the products all around the store. I found it so interesting that all of the packaging has braille on it - One day, the owner noticed a customer walk into the store who was blind, and didn't find it fair that they would have more trouble than others finding the right products around the store. From then on, all their products have braille. You can just tell that this brand really cares about the customer. 

L' Occitane is now in St. Regis hotel downtown! We had the privilege of staying there overnight, and we had a much needed night of unwinding and relaxing. We treated ourselves to some wine & room service (Hazel loved the chicken strips ;))

To celebrate the lauch of L'Occitane products partnering with St. Regis Hotel,  L'Occitane wants to G I V E A W A Y  one free night stay at the St. Regis hotel! Head on over to our Instagram page to find out how to enter!! You could win a much-needed "stay-cation" as well - or if your not from Vancouver, this will be the perfect opportunity to visit!