A Month of Nesting // 3 Ways to Organize your Bathroom

As girls, naturally, our bathrooms can turn into a little bit of a disaster... and by a little bit I mean that I literally once had cops walk through my house after our alarm going off and they thought our bathroom was ransacked. Soooo I would love to help you avoid that embarrassing situation and share a few practical ways to keep your bathroom well organized. 

Under the sink //
Using a tension rod underneath the sink gives you a spot to hang cleaning products and free up some space on the shelf. You can purchase one of these at most hardware or department stores, here is a link to one

Our wire basket DIY is the perfect toilet paper holder, take a look at the post here. 

Make Up Drawer //
Use a utensil drawer organizer to put your make up and brushes in. Goodbye powder filled make up bag, and hello clean make up artist drawer. Ikea has one for $2.99, do yourself a favour. 

Tool Rack // 
Mounting a magnetic strip on the wall or inside a cupboard board will keep you from digging through the bottom of every purse trying to find a loose bobby pin. Such a convenient way to keep track of all those little tools that get lost in the bottom of a drawer so easily. Here is a link to one.

Do you have any other practical tips for keeping your house organized? Comment below, we'd love to know!

Ice Cream Cone decals from Urban Walls.

Hair Tutorial // Half Up Braided Crown

I have incredibly thick hair, I love it other than when it comes to doing fun things with it, it's so heavy that it takes far too many pins and usually ends up falling out, especially with it being shorter and one length! I love this hair tutorial because it stays in with no fuss and once you get the hang of it, it's super easy.

One // Grab a chunk of hair just above your ear, it doesn't matter what side you choose to start on.
Two // Braid that chunk of hair, loosen the braid with your fingers to thicken it up and backcomb the ends. 
Three // On the opposite side of your hair, starting where your hair is parted, grab the same size chunk of hair.
Four // Bring across the braid from one side to the other, and braid it into the new chunk of hair, so it looks like one continuous braid.
Five // Secure the braid at the back of your head with bobby pins.
Six // Back to where you originally started your first braid, grab a chunk of hair. 
Seven //  Braid it in the direction away from your face, start the braid as close to your head and tight as you can so it looks like its continuing from the other braid.
Eight // Braid it to the ends of your hair and tuck the ends behind the other braid, and secure it with pins.

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