Home Update

Oh my goodness, we moved! I still can't believe it. We honestly weren't even thinking about moving out of our one bedroom or even looking but somehow it happened. Lindsay and I have been looking for a bit bigger of a studio space because we're outgrowing ours and have both had to store a lot of work stuff at our apartments. We need a kitchen so we were looking around at some apartments and suites to use for a studio space. We saw that a few were available in my building so we thought we'd take a look, of course, we found out they only rent for residential use, not a business, but I sort of fell in love with the unit a floor above ours. After looking at it I called Dan and he came straight home from work to take a look. Both of us just had a feeling we needed to take it so we prayed about it, it sat so right with us, and we basically went straight to the office to sign the lease!

I'm glad we snapped these photos before the packing frenzy began. We lived in this apartment for almost 6 years, so much has happened here. The change is good for us I think, a lot of things have suddenly been changing and shifting. It scares and excites me, but we're trusting in God's provision and really learning how to trust.

We are still in love with our Penelope wall bed from Resource Furniture. It allowed us to stay in this place and save a ton of money on rent this last year, and if we didn't both own businesses that require some office space we would totally stay for another year at least. In our new place we have two bedrooms, and the second we have set up as an office for Dan and I! We're still going to keep going with the shared room for the girls, but having another room for their naps will be a lifesaver as those are getting tricky. I just have a pack 'n play in the office corner that Millie naps in if they are napping at the same time! It's been working really well. I learned quickly that trying to get them to nap in the same room just doesn't work, and Hazel is slowly transitioning out of needing that mid-day sleep so it's been so helpful. 

The new apartment has higher ceilings, that means I can fill the top of this bed with all the plants! Moving the bed was a lot easier than we anticipated it to be! We had a friend come over and help take it apart (the front part is super heavy), and then we had it set up again the day after moving! We did hire the same person who originally installed it to come and help Dan install it again, and it's so worth it. Especially in our old building with wonky floors and walls! I love it, it's really been worth the investment for us. 

Oh and another small thing I'm excited about is that we don't have a TV anymore. It's a bit of a funny story, but I'm really excited to not have one! I always was a bit jealous of other IG moms I saw who would just move their tv upstairs or out of the living room for a season and I've been really craving that! We knew it was something that God made clear to us that we needed to get rid of with the move and we were totally ok with, and then once we started setting up our place we realized quickly that there wasn't even a place for a tv to go. Something that probably would have stressed me out if we hadn't decided earlier, I'm sure I would have had a bit of a "but what about my Netflix" moment. Have you ever done this for a season? I'm sure we'll have one again sometime, but I'm really excited to go into this Summer with a lot less screen time for all of us. 

Ok Millie, slow down, this girl is growing up a little too fast!