Olympic Village Strolls

Sunny winter days are like unicorns around here. We've had one or two the last few weeks and have been sure to go exploring and make the most of the sunshine. Last week we walked down to Olympic village on the crispest day but when you stood in the sunshine you could feel the warmth and was just glorious. 

I shared a post a few weeks ago giving my thoughts on the new Bugaboo Donkey2 stroller so I thought I'd answer a few questions I've been asked. The main question has been the size, is it too big for doorways etc...It is most certainly not, I'm always surprised that it can still fit through everything and go where I need it to! With the two seats in it, it definitely isn't ideal if you want to go into a small shop or anything. I've taken it on the bus and on our regular outings and it's amazing. More than enough room for any doorway and aisle. With the one seat in it and the little basket, it isn't much bigger than your average stroller. The storage is a dream though. I'm often dropping off a dozen or so packages at the post office and I can load them up no problem! 

I did switch from my Cruz which I had since Hazel was born and I can't even explain how much easier the Bugaboo is to turn and manoeuver! Dan always jokes about how this thing practically drives itself, but really, even when it's super heavy it's a dream to push around even with an umbrella or coffee in one hand. It definitely is a luxurious piece of baby gear, but for a city mama who is taking these kiddos out on a daily basis, it has become so essential! I know it's reliable and safe, and super comfy for my girls.

After this little outing, it just made me all the more excited for Spring! I can't wait to load these girls up side by side and hit up all the fun city things. Lots of park days, long walks and water parks. I'm so ready for some sunshine, blue skies, and not wearing a dozen layers all the time. 

Millie still prefers being carried and I'm still ok with it ;) I know in a few months time she won't be in here all day every day, so I'm enjoying all the baby things and trying my best to soak them all up. I love this wrap from local company Keep Company Goods. It's my go-to carrier!