A Morning with Saje

Tegan and I were very excited when Saje approached us to take some photos with us in our studio for the launch of their new AromaTime Diffuser! We love Saje so much, and we're obsessed with their products for years. Since going natural with our blog, we are super happy to work with like-minded businesses, and Saje is definitely one of them. 

You can check out an interview I did on their blog talking about my routines, and how important they are in contributing to my daily wellness. 

Thanks to Britt Gill for these amazing photos! Check out her blog, if you are looking for a photographer, she's your gal. *heart eyes

How beautiful is this new AromaTime Diffuser? It is the first diffuser that Saje has created that has two tanks with a timer set for each one individually. How amazing would it be to wake up to a room filled with Energy essential oil, and go to bed with Tranquility?! Once you set the timer at night, the next morning, the AromaTime is already emitting calming essential oils all around you before you wake up, creating a more easeful morning. Go about your day, and enjoy coming home to a timed Tranquility, or whichever wind-down essential oil you choose.

I love the smell of Tranquility the best, it really helps me de-stress. Having the diffuser on creating a gentle mist as you snooze the night away will really help you relax and have a better sleep. It is honestly the best, I don't like going to sleep without it, it's just so comforting! Some nights I have a hard time winding down and shutting off my mind, and ever since I've been focusing more on creating a nightly routine to relax, it's helped a ton. 

Since working with Saje on this post, I answered a bunch of questions they had on my morning and night routine. This got me thinking a lot about being intentional about my mornings and evenings, and how important it is to control my general health and well-being throughout the day. You can see my interview on their blog post here

My favourite Saje remedies are the Stress Release Remedy as well as the Peppermint Halo. Whenever I have a headache or even cramps, I rub the Peppermint Halo on my temples, neck and stomach. It instantly relieves the pain, and sends a cooling sensation in those painful areas. It's a dream. 

We loved working with Saje, and can't wait to continue to learn more and more about essential oils and how they contribute to our health. Tegan and I are always looking into products and the ingredients they have in them, so we really appreciate when we find a business we can trust. Go Saje! xo