Link Love // 40 Weeks Preggo

Hello Weekend! Lindsay and I have been slowing down the last few weeks, since moving out of our studio and are finding the adjustment to be a bit tricky. It definitely has to do with the weird waiting period of when will this baby come, and a mix of where the heck do we shoot photos now? I think this season is going to really challenge us to get more creative and really figure out where we're going next, which really excites me. We had a full day of outdoor photos planned earlier this week and of course, it turned out to be the rainiest day! Thankfully that rain didn't decide to stick around. We would love to know, what do you want to see more of on our blog this autumn and winter?! We will still be creating content and being creative around our homes, we have some home tour posts coming up and lots of cozy recipes for the rainy season that's a comin'. I've been in a major baking and cooking mood lately which is wonderful, I'm filling my freezer with meals and cookies for when baby decides to come! 

  • I snagged this dress a few weeks ago when Nettles Tale Shop had their big end of summer sale, and I have actually been wearing it almost every day. Not only because it's one of a handful of things that fits me, it's SO soft and comfy. 
  • Also, it's the same fabric as a dress Hazel wears all the time from June Isle. So I kind of love that. I'm also freaking excited for their fall collection to drop soon! Their clothes are some of my favourite.
  • I just discovered Linen Fox via Pinterest this week and oh man. I ordered a pair of linen pants and a top I can't wait to live in this fall. 
  • I shared a bit on my personal blog this week about my birth plan! I was planning a home birth and had to change it due to some potential risks with baby. She's good and healthy and we feel so taken care of at South Community Birth Program. I highly recommend them if you're in Vancouver and looking for a caretaker! 
  • There really isn't much going on in my brain these days other than wondering when baby is going to show up! Today is her due date, so aaaaanytime baby!