Link Love // Germany

Hey lovelies!

Tegan and I have had a bit of a slow-down with the blog in the last few weeks! With the shock of being booted out of our studio while Tegan was pregnant, it set us back a bit with our posting for September. We are so excited to say that Millie Karen Klenner was born safely last Friday, and she is healthy, well, and has the cutest little button nose. Here she is.  

I have been helping out in a band called Tourist Company this last year, and I just spent the last week in Hamburg, Germany playing a festival called Reeperbahn! It was such a beautiful and fun time running around the city, but I am SO happy to be home. Unfortunately, I got the flu the day I got home, so I have been struggling to get better so I can hold baby Millie. Wish me luck and send me antibodies!

How cute is this jacket from Frank and oak?? It's the perfect transition jacket from Summer to Fall :)

Here are some link love's (mainly music this week) that I have had my eye on during my travels! 

This bag  from Leader Bag Co - I dragged it along with me on my trip to Germany and I am obsessed with it. Yes, it's a diaper bag, but would you have any idea? NOPE. So cute. 

This song became my Germany train- ride song. I took a solo trip on one of our off-days to Luneburg and it was SO beautiful. Hamburg is a pretty new city, so it was nice to go and get a bit more old-time Germany. This song is SO dreamy, and the whole album I am in love with. Really excited to go see Alvvays in Seattle this month. 

This album is SO good! My friend Layten helped out with this album, and I am so in love with the lead vocals in this album. It's such a soothing and chill album, it's been on repeat. 

Peach Pit  - I am thrilled that my boyfriend's full length album finally came out and it is insanely good! Holy Moly. Please take a listen, they are on an Eastern Canada/US tour so look out for them in your city :) Also, check out all their fun MERCH! 

This video  by Chance the Rapper is incredible. 

I have been loving my jeans from The Ragged Priest! They have some very fun grunge on there if you are into that ;) Or are looking for a simple pair of MOM jeans, they have some great ones on there.