Upgrade Your Life and Learning

We really enjoyed the last few days in our studio last week. Keeping up with the busy Fall season coming up and soaking up the last days of Summer sunshine! We’re excited to share with you some of these super fun gadgets from Best Buy. We aren’t going back-to-school this fall, but we are gearing up for a change in season and with that comes a whole new set of challenges. We’re going to be working from home for the next few months so we’re figuring out the best ways to stay organized and self motivated! It’s easy to be discouraged when things don’t go as planned (like losing your studio!) but we’re seeing the best in the situation and are excited for the opportunities that it will bring.

I love learning how to use new apps and gadgets, and this little HP Sprocket photo printer is so fun! It doesn’t require any ink, and you just print directly through an app on your phone. Once I got it out of the box it took me just a few minutes to set up, I love when things are that simple to use. I printed out a bunch of fun Summer memories and photos from our last day in the studio with Haze. The backs are sticky too, so you can stick them anywhere!

It always amazes me how small hard drives come these days with SO much storage! Thankfully, I’ve never learned the hard way about losing photos or important data (I can thank my husband who backs everything up in 3 places for that!) We’ve been sorting through years of photos and organizing them onto these hard drives and it just feels goooood, I love organization, of any kind. I could spend hours just organizing files, is that weird?? Don’t answer that.

September is an exciting time, I always feel challenged to set new goals, whether it’s goals around my home -  to cook more and figure out a new meal planning schedule, or for reading more books, picking up a new hobby, or learning something entirely new!


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