Saying goodbye to our Studio

Tonight we locked up our studio and handed over our keys. It's hard to believe that we spent two incredible years in this studio. It feels like home to us. Tegan and I got pretty nostalgic as we were sweeping and tidying the studio last night and got reminiscing about the good times we had in here.  The move-out came as quite the surprise. We got pushed out of our studio by our landlords, and the loopholes we missed in our lease forced us out with no way to reason with them. We were pretty disappointed but we're excited to find something fresh and new. Looking back at one of our first blog posts on our studio (<--look how small Hazel is!) it's so hard to believe it's gone. We are so grateful for all the amazing times, projects, businesses, and people we have worked with over these 2 years. 

When we moved into our studio, our Mom had just passed away less than a month before, and Hazel was only 2 months old. This studio brought us so much joy and motivation in a very difficult time. It shifted our spirits and helped us get through some really tough times by being able to be focused on such a special place for our business to grow. The day we signed the lease, I quit my coffee shop job and moved our blog to a full-time career, it was a HUGE, somewhat terrifying step for us. All of a sudden we were standing on our two feet, hoping to make a living off of our blog, and we were incredibly inspired and excited about the things to come. 

In the first year of our studio, Hazel would come with us every day and she practically grew up into a toddler here. She even took her very first steps in this studio. I remember she was wearing a red onesie and got up, and just started walking 10 steps. Once she started she didn't stop, she walked all day! Down the hall, back and forth, a little tornado! 

Some of our favourite memories in the studio: 

Studio Housewarming Party
Tea Party
Mothers Day Lunch
This Photoshoot
We'd have fun setting up table inspiration in the Fall and all the chill work days spent on this pink couch. We absolutely loved sharing the space with Urbanwalls over the last 8 months, it was so fun to see what new decals would be covering the walls when coming in to work! 

Tegan is due in 2 weeks! We decided to put all of our things into storage so Tegan can really focus her time on her new baby girl. We didn't want to rush into a new space when we didn't have anything lined up. We are coming from such a beautiful space, that we really want to take the time to find the right fit for us. We are looking for a space that we can host parties, events, workshops, and share it with a lot of different types of creatives! We are excited to start searching for a new space but will wait until winter or new year to begin our new journey. :)