Ten Thousand Villages

Dreamy Lounge Hammock Space inspired by Ten Thousand Villages

We were very inspired as soon as we walked into Ten Thousand Villages on Granville Island! Not only is it an incredibly inspiring company that we are excited to introduce to you, but the products are super dreamy. I swear I could have sat here in the sun for hours.

Ten Thousand Villages is a Fair Trade company that works with artisans from all over the world! If you check out their website, on each product they showcase the business owner, their workers, and a bit about where they are from and a snippet about their culture/community. You can buy the products online or look up their nearest store to you. We got all of these products from the Granville Island location.

This hammock is a day-dreaming oasis. The company started by a woman named Tamara from Nicaragua. She was passionate about providing people in rural and urban Nicaraguan areas with expert opportunities in creating soft cotton hammocks. In an industry that is mainly male-dominated, half of her artisans are women! Woo!

This is such a special blanket, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!  There are quite a few online as well as in store, and they are all super colourful and unique. They are created in a workshop of artisan group Prokritee in Bangladesh. The artisans are women who have broken away from the sex trade and now make their living by making soap and handicrafts. It really helps and aids to empower women who may be having trouble providing for themselves.

I love that every single product that they sell has an intimate story of the hands that created it. You can feel good about spending money on these goods because you know for a fact that this is a company you can trust. They are helping create quality jobs for men and women and paying them what their products are worth.

These beautiful woven baskets  are only $30! They are so cool, and I want to buy 10 for my house, at this price it is HARD not to go overboard. The store and online shop is filllllled with incredible woven products, check it!

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These Bunyaad rugs are incredibly beautiful, aren't they? I have been reading here about the process, the intricate design, and the number of experts it takes to finish the process of one rug. It is quite remarkable! The amazing thing about these rugs is that the artisans get paid per knot, so they really pride themselves in their work. It is not about speed and getting as many done as quickly as you can, but about the quality of the product because they are being paid properly for their time. They can create approximately 40 knots per minute! They use natural dyes made from roots, nut shells, tree bark, fruit skins, vegetable skins, and dried flowers. The process is so unique every time, and the artisans often pull inspiration from nature, architecture and their own ethnic heritage.

Check out these beautiful laundry baskets as well! The store has so many vibrant coloured ones to choose from and they are selling for such a good price!

There are endless products I could talk about, and I have learned so much about this incredible company since doing this post. I am very excited to continue to shop there, and fill my house with fair trade products that are incredibly unique!

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