DIY Tassel Beach Hat

Ikea Hack DIY Tassel Straw Hat

Here is a super fun, and INCREDIBLY easy Ikea Hack for you! This Jassa straw hat was less than $5 at Ikea and super easy to spruce up. Unique sun hats are always a bit of a tough thing to find, so we decided to create a simple and fun way to DIY your sun hat! All you need is a sun hat, some yarn, embroidery thread, a glue gun and some scissors. 

How To Create a DIY Tassel Straw Hat In a Few Easy Steps

We used some embroidery thread that we had lying around our studio, and chose colours that were bright and fun for summer. This pom pom yellow yarn we got from Dressew and it added a really fun texture to the hat! You can use any yarn you like, and even add some pom poms in between the tassels to create a similar effect. 

Create the tassels by wrapping the embroidery around three of your fingers. 
Once you have done quite a few loops, and the thickness of the tassel is where you want it, slip your fingers out, and tie a string around one side of the threaded loop. Then simply cut the bottom loop and tada - a Tassel! Tie or Glue the tassels onto the yarn, and wrap around your hat. Secure with a knot and some hot glue.

Such a simple and easy DIY to make any sun hat a bit more fun. We love looking in our closets at what we already own, and to think of ways to make it new and different without spending the money! Upload your photo of your DIY's to instagram and tag #tandtonme - we'd love to see what you have created!