Ikea Hack // DIY Tote with Sluten Place Mat in 4 Easy Steps

An Ikea hack for the beach lover, or if you just want to up your tote game! This was so simple, and costs under $10 to make. Pick up 2 of these Sluten placemats on your next IKEA trip, or any of their other beachy looking placemats will work great too, I'd love to see one done with this one. you can use any plain canvas tote you have lying around, all you need is some hot glue, scissors, thread and a thick needle.  

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IKEA Hack Tote Bag in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Place the place mat on top of the tote 3/4 of the way down and trace along the tote. Cut the tote so it's the same size as the place mat. 

Step 2

Use hot glue or fabric glue to attach the tote back together along the seams.

Step 3

Place the place mats one on each side of the glued tote. Use a thick needle (we used an embroidery needle) to hand stitch through both the mats and the tote so they're all sewn together. I used a thin yarn so it would be super thick and sturdy.

Step 4

Use glue to attach the top of the tote to the place mats, glueing along the outside of the tote in between the place mat and the tote.

I'm so happy with how this DIY turned out and it was SO easy! The stitching was the trickiest part but once I got the hang of where to stick the needle through (a bit further in so you're not trying to poke through the glued part) it didn't take long. It's perfect for taking to the farmers market or just to grab a few things at the store!