Let's Talk // Sustainability etc.

Yesterday we met with a few lovely ladies by this beautiful mural to work on some design plans for our market at Vancouver Mural Fest! It's just a few weeks away and we're so excited to be hosting a market again. We have some amazing vendors, and I can't wait to see their products and meet the faces behind some companies like K Pure Naturals and Uniform Handmade! As well as some returning vendors Drifter, Fallow and Matria Home. All women run businesses that are killing it. 

  • Earlier this week Dan and I watched "What the Health" on Netflix, and WOAH. I mean it sort of just confirmed a lot of things that have been swirling around in my head this past year and made me think even more about what we consume in our house. I've already made big changes over the years and am continually getting a bit more extreme with animal products and where we get them from. I cook meat so rarely and when we do it's local and organic, but we might try the plant based thing for a bit just to see how it makes us feel. I've been eating way more salads and veggies lately, we signed up for a CSA farm share with Arosha and it's forced us to try new things and get creative! If you don't have access to a garden, I highly recommend it! 
  • I've been loving using spud.ca for my groceries lately. I love ordering my groceries online because it really helps me stick to my budget and meal plan. Not to mention I can do it while sitting in bed, it definitely beats grocery shopping with a toddler, which can be a scene haha. (You can use my referral code CRVAN-KLETEB to get $20 free if you want to try it out!)
  • I love this post on Home Song Blog about Zero Waste and practical ways to use less plastic! I picked up some of the beeswax food saving wrap mentioned, and really have been loving it. 
  • I've been eyeing up these Stasher Bag reusable silicon bags to replace the trusty 'ol zip locks. Anyone tried them? Do they really keep your avocados fresh for days?! That sold me.
  • While we're on the topic of reusable silicone, lol I love these straws. I picked some up at West Coast kids a few months back for Hazel, and I find myself using them more than her! They're great for smoothies.
  • I love my Mason Bar Company lids. I actually use these every day!
  • I'm feeling like a big dork right now because I'm so passionate about reusable things lol.
  • To change the subject, I love this bag by One Duo. It's a diaper bag but you wouldn't know it, it's the perfect size for my laptop, and has juuuust the right amount of pockets. 
  • I will leave you with a link to this perfect comfy romper I'm wearing, and have been living in this Summer, aaand it's on sale for $25!