Link Love // ft. Harly Jae

  •  I hope you have already seen this incredibly cute jumpsuit from Harly Jae floating around the interwebs because she just launched her company! We are so obsessed and impressed with the quality of her pieces. The other day Tegan and I showed up to work wearing the Harly Jae tank top - you can see it here
  • Yesterday I had my vegan buddy over for breakfast, and I made her a tofu scramble! I added black beans, kale, sweet potatoes, and some walnuts. I made this Tumeric Tahini sauce in minutes, it was so easy and was SO good with a savoury breakfast bowl.
  • This new St Vincent song New York is my recent weekly jam. 
  • If you are looking for some amazing second-hand goods, DEFINITELY check out my friend Layla's company called The Oak Closet!  She has the most amazing wicker baskets, shoes, home decor and I got an amazing blanket I'm excited to share with you soon! 
  • I just came across this kombucha company from Vancouver Hoochy Booch - and I'm eager to try it! It looks incredible and I've been trying to drink more kombucha! Has anyone tried it? 
  • YOU GUYS! I have been completely obsessed with this new coffee substitute - DANDYBLEND. With a little bit of milk, it is creamy and honestly tastes nutty and just like coffee. I have been off coffee for two days, and hope to do a little coffee detox for a month or so - this encouraged me to do it! The ingredients: Rye, Barley, Dandelion & Sugar Beet. Super simple, and super good quality ingredients. Dandelion has a ton of beneficial factors to it, I'm in love.