Ellebox + Pink House

We are such big fans of Ellebox! We were so honoured when they gave us a ring and asked Pink House to be a part of their June monthly subscription. Ellebox is a monthly subscription for all of your period's needs and It's ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC YAY! With each box comes a selection of 20 organic tampons and/or pads - as well as 2 self-care gifts/products and some yummy healthy snacks. We are stoked to help raise awareness on the sh*t that is in most brands of regular tampons. 

Every lady deserves to be rewarded each period, and this just makes life a little bit easier, and your monthly period a bit happier and more comfortable! For some reason, I am NEVER prepared for my period. I am always stuffing up rolled up toilet paper down there and rushing to the store to grab tampons .... tmi? ... I love the idea of all my tampon needs being delivered to me every month. No more awkward runs to the store!

You can buy the subscription for yourself or you can even buy it as a gift for someone else! Such a fun idea for a friend. 

Did you know? *taken from ellebox site
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  • Your vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of your body.
  • There are currently no federal regulations for feminine hygiene brands to fully disclose ingredients **WHEN WILL THIS CHANGE!! GAHH! 
  • There has been no significant research on what effects tampons have possibly had on our bodies. 
  • Average woman uses 12,000 tampons in her lifetime meaning 80,000 hours with a tampon inside her body *which has a direct link to reproductive organs.
  • Most tampons have been bleached and have been soaked in dioxin as well as other harmful chemicals.
  • ELLEBOX tampons are free of rayon, polyester, wood pulp and pesticides - they are made from certified organic cotton.

We were so excited to be able to stand behind a no BS company. We really trust the products that Ellebox puts out there, and are so happy to have been involved in this subscription! We are all about standing behind businesses that are willing to take a stand for our health and raise awareness for using products that are not harmful for your body. So stoked on these boxes. 

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