What to pack on a weekend trip

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Samsonite Canada for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Gonna chat a bit about weeeeekend tripppppsss! 

With our Monday-Friday work weeks, I love to get away on the weekends! I have some good friends who live in Seattle and I often find myself driving down there a couple times a month.  I have gotten really good at packing light and bringing only the essentials for a few days stay. 
This Samsonite American Tourister travel luggage is a perfect little buddy to hold all my goods, it's lightweight, affordable, and I don't need any extra bags! It is simple, and bright and just super convenient! To be honest, this is the first carry on suitcase I have ever owned! HA! It's about time.  

(PS. Local Wanderer is coming out with a Seattle guide soon, so be on the lookout for that!! I CAN'T WAIT!) 

Packing for the weekend: I think my biggest tip is to bring ONE pair of jeans (my fav are these Frank & Oak Mom Jeans) that you can dress up if you need to, and ONLY 2 pairs of shoes. One that is great for walking in, and the other pair's gotta have a bit of a heel (for fun, of course ;)) Depending on the weather, if it's rainy, I can't help but wear my Blundstones everywhere. I also finally bought myself some black boots similar to these, and I'm in looooove. Every time I go to Bellingham or Seattle I can't help but stop at Buffalo Exchange - isn't it the best store ever?! So many amazing thrift/vintage finds, I'm all about recycling clothes. (oh, ps. leave a little room in your suitcase for some purchases, teehee.) 

I always try to bring a t-shirt dress or a long button down shirt. I have a navy blue siIk shirt that I thrifted, and it's perfect for this look.  If it's a button down, like mine, you can wear it buttoned up with heels, and play it up with some fun lipstick. Lately, I have been bringing my Rose Gold Glow Stick everywhere. I use it as my blush, and also my lipstick and it stays on all night! Plus, I'm not bringing as much make up this way because I don't need blush, a brush, or lipstick - it's all in one stick.  

If you feel like playing it casually, you can unbutton the shirt and wear it open over jeans, with sneakers, or whatever casual shoes you bring. It allows you to play up your outfit in a few different ways depending on where the weekend takes you. 

Some weekend essentials I ALWAYS have in my bag:

  • Sunniesssss! 
  • Pink House Raspberry Face Cream & Dry Shampoo (<--can't go more than a couple days without these two, they are my life savers)
  • Pink House Glow Stick
  • this is a bit of a weird one, but I always love to throw a jumpsuit in my suitcase! It gives you an extra option for a tank to wear under a pair of your fav jeans, or it looks great under an unbuttoned long shirt! (*plus it acts as a pair of extra undies ;)) 2 birds one stone am I right? 


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