Spring with Pink House

As many of you know, Tegan and I joined our Aunt Tracy in her all-natural products line called Pink House. Our Mother and Aunt started this line of absolutely incredible products after our Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. We are so passionate about sharing the importance of chemical-free make up and products around the home. As Mother's Day is approaching, we all felt really inspired to create the most precious bundles of new and old products that could be used as pampering for the dear Mothers out there who deserve it (Which means EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!) The Mother's Day bundles are now sold out online, and are for local pick-up only (Vancouver or Abbotsford)

We have been scheming up and working hard on lots of new things with Pink House for Spring, and are SO excited for what's to come!

We just launched these incredible Bath Bombs! We are so passionate about these because 1. They smell AMAZING. 2. They are all-natural. 3. They PROTECT your body against bacteria - unlike most mainstream bath bombs which actually can cause UTI's and Yeast Infections (Yuck!!) 4. They are antiseptic and antibacterial. 5. They are sooo sooooooothing and moisturize your skin! 

These bath bombs are the only product that we don't personally make by hand - we collaborated with a lady in Abbotsford who does an amazing job adding our selected ingredients and scents.

We created 3 bath bombs : Vanilla Bergamot * Spearmint Eucalyptus * Coconut Oat.
- Vanilla Bergamot is extremely relaxing, smells like you are sitting in a london fog and yum it is amazing. Vanilla essential oil is incredibly relaxing and de-stressing and Bergamot is uplifting, relaxing and an anti-depressant! This is the perfect bath bomb if you are having a rough day, need to unwind and uplift.
- Eucalyptus Spearmint is so refreshing and stimulating. If you are feeling a bit under the weather, this bath bomb will really sooth your muscles as well as your sinuses! You can really breathe deep with this in the bath, mmmmm! 
- Coconut Oat is amazing. It's like sitting in a creamy dreamy tub of oaty goodness. Coconut oil has the closest pH to your skin  and oats help cleanse your skin and lock in moisture. This bath bomb is really good if you have dry skin, and need to hydrate your body! 

We are in love with these bath bombs and are so excited to share them. You can only get them on our online store! 

This month we also had the pleasure of connecting and collaborating with Farbod Ceramics in creating the perfect little pink dishes for our Clay Mask. He is so passionate about creating one of a kind ceramics. We even joined him in his studio and he taught us how to make the bowls! It was such a fun experience as I have allllways wanted to learn pottery. We loved seeing a part of the process and learning about all the stages of creating these beautiful pieces. Our clay mask is made from all natural clays, so it was a perfect match to pair it with a small ceramic bowl made from natural clay as well. You can buy them online as a pair, or buy them each separate. 

We have a ton of new fun products coming that we can't wait to share with you! We are also going to start making some Make-up tutorial youtube videos, sharing tips and tricks as well as sharing and reviewing natural products! If you know a natural make-up company we could include in our tutorials please leave a comment! Also, we'd love it if you would share with us what kind of make-up tips / questions you'd like us to answer! It can be about specific products or just natural product questions in general! Leave a comment below <3